Candlelit perfection for newly-weds Jorden and Dex

Candlelit perfection for newly-weds Jorden and Dex

Having met at his 21st birthday party, Dex Boyle and Jorden Hunt fell in love and became engaged on holiday in Cyprus in 2015.

Wedding plans were put on hold for seven years as Dex and Jorden had to contend with some major family upheaval. However on December 30 2022, the happy couple from North End finally exchanged their vows in front of friends and family at The Queens Hotel in Southsea.

Top Tips

  • Keep it simple - we had just myself, Dex and Faith on the top table and it was great to be able to enjoy the wedding breakfast together.

  • Work with our award-winning events team to ensure your day is a humdinger ...

Jorden explained: “At one stage it did seem like one thing after another was happening to us and every time we thought about a wedding, it got put back.

“Our daughter Faith was born prematurely weighing only 1.2lbs so for a long time she was our focus and concern. Just as life started to get back to normal my Mum Lisa became ill and then we lost grandparents so we were getting over our bereavement and once again the wedding plans were shelved for another year.”

The time was right

It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve 2021 when Jorden and Dex were with their cousins Georgia and Jack Boyle  that the couple decided the time was right and they would finally tie the knot.

“Georgia pointed out that we are always the people thinking about everyone else and it was time for us to put ourselves first.

“We are the couple who turn up for everybody elese’s party and anniversary without fail – and now it was time for us to have our day.

“Due to Faith arriving prematurely, we didn’t get to have a baby shower and when we were engaged, my mum was ill so our wedding day was really going to be the day when we could finally all celebrate together,” she said.

Perfect place for a wedding

From the moment Jorden and Dex entered The Queens Hotel, they knew it was the perfect place to hold their wedding.

With only a year to plan their wedding from start to finish, Jorden decided to keep things simple. 

“It was a winter wedding and we chose green and gold. My bridesmaids were in dark green and Faith wore an ivory coloured dress like me.

“We wanted her to feel so much part of the day as she is so important to us and she really did look beautiful on the day,” reminisced Jorden.

While cousin Georgia was on hand to help and support Jorden,  it was Nicole Morris, Head of Sales, Marketing & Events and her award winning team who ensured every element of the day came together.

“Nicole was my yes lady – everything I asked her she said yes. Nothing was too much trouble for her to deal with and I really can’t recommend her enough.”

Keep it simple

Keeping to her mantra of having a simple approach to the day, Jorden knew she didn’t want unnecessary fads and frills.

“I know other people might like favours and all the other bits and pieces that get added to a table but I just think they get in the way when the fellas are trying to put their pint glasses down” laughed Jorden.

“I knew the only thing I wanted on the tables was candles and when they were all lit it looked so cosy and beautiful.

“When Dex saw we were spending £1,100 on candles he did question it but I knew it would be beautiful.

“It was one of the main questions we had for Nicole and even when she told us we could have candlelight, we asked her to send an email to that effect just so we could feel reassured.

“And, of course, she sent us the email,” said Jorden.

One big, happy whirl

The wedding ceremony was held at The Queens Hotel and after the service, the room was transformed for the wedding breakfast.

“One of the most important things for me was that Faith felt so much part of our day. I’d mentioned this to Nicole and I was really touched to see how much she involved Faith – asking her questions and making her feel so special.

“Our top table was just the three of us – myself, Dex and Faith. It was great to be able to take that time to eat together and feel so complete as a family,” said Jorden.

Having enjoyed the beautiful meal, there was only one thing left to do and that was have a fabulous party.

“I literally danced all night long – it was such fun. I worried later that I hadn’t got around to speak to everyone properly but all I wanted to do was dance.

“It was one big happy whirl and everyone woke up with a sore head the next day,” said Jorden.

Photo credit: Carla Mortimer Photography

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