Accidentally Wes Anderson

Here at the Queens, we love the colourful world film director, Wes Anderson has created and we were beyond overjoyed to discover we are part of the Accidentally Wes Anderson phenomenon that has taken social media by storm.

Photographer Tom Benjamin submitted us to the site way back in 2019. We are delighted to feature on the map of 1,821 places highlighting the most beautiful, idiosyncratic and interesting places on earth.



Who is behind AWA?

Brooklyn-based husband and wife team of Wally & Amanda came up with the idea for AWA to develop a personal travel bucket list. First established on Instagram, their personal project quickly developed into a wide-reaching resource, providing inspiration for travellers and creatives across the world. Today their site has two million followers and there have been books and postcards produced.

With their puppy mascot, Dexter, by their side, the adventurous couple’s mission evolved from curating and researching interesting locations to bringing the Community along on virtual Adventures around the world. Their mission remains the same from the start – provide a daily dose of delight and inspire a sense of adventure and curiosity for all that wish to participate.

Proud to be part of the community

A viral online phenomenon, AWA has encouraged millions of people to view the world in a different way, celebrating a gorgeous colour palette and composition.

We are so proud to be part of this global phenomenon that inspires more than one million adventurers.


We’ve been delighted to work with talented student architect, Ben Cooper, who is a major fan of the Queens Hotel building. 

Ben is currently studying architecture at the University of Portsmouth and as such wanted to interpret the hotel in a series of digital illustrations. Needless to say, we were delighted with the finished designs and colourful interpretation.

Iconic building

“The Queens Hotel is such an iconic building and one that everyone instantly recognises when they think of Southsea.

“Being able to interpret the Queens through this series of images, has been a reward in itself. I really like the way the building has changed over the years. I also love that recent renovation work has revealed such gems as the marble floor in the lobby,” he said.

The Queens Hotel building was top of the list

Ben, 21, from Bishops Waltham, has just completed his second year of study. He set up his illustration side hustle last Summer.

Markedly he has been targeting independent businesses with interesting premises and The Queens Hotel was top of his list.

“Digital illustration offers you the best of both worlds. Its hyper-real effect sits between a photograph and an art piece.

“Colours can be changed in an instant and additions made with the least amount of effort.

“Having an architect’s eye, I can talk to people about their buildings and share their passion,” he said.

A creative way to earn a living

Since the age of 12 Ben has wanted to be an architect and says the subtle artform appealed to him because it is a creative way to earn a living.

Ben is already earning an international reputation with commissions coming in from across the globe.

Recent projects have included working on illustrations for the Coal Creek Miners Museum in Tennessee and golf-themed digital shop in New Zealand.

Looking to the future

Looking to the future, while there are options to specialise in architectural graphic design, he’s keen to work as an architect and keep his architectural illustration site active.

We love Ben’s work and we hope you do too.

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