Tables are turned at the Queens Hotel

Tables are turned at the Queens Hotel

Bar and restaurant team members had a chance to kick back and enjoy cocktails and delicious food at the Queens Hotel in Southsea when the tables were turned for just one day.

With so many new staff members joining the hotel in recent times, training manager Jodie Chamberlain, was keen to ensure everyone working in the bar and restaurant was fully versed in the details of good table service.

“We decided to make our training session fun and interactive by having the managers serve our bar and restaurant team members.

“It was an opportunity for them to see how our classically trained managers take food orders, serve dishes and clear tables.

“They also had the chance to see things from the customer’s point of view – and we hope there will be important lessons learned by everyone,” she said.

The Queens Hotel has been undergoing a major transformation, restoring the building to her former glory. Since the current owners took over in 2017, a multi-million pound restoration and redevelopment project has been undertaken allowing her Edwardian elegance to shine once more.

General Manager, Catherine Austen, explained that having worked so hard on the building project, attention was now turning to the all important service that is provided for guests and visitors.

“We have always been known for our friendly team members and we are now ensuring they have the right training to be able to deliver great service.

“Our management team brings a wealth of experience to the hotel and they are helping us to deliver a wonderful training package for our team,” she said.

Bartender Omaid Sayed, said: “ I really enjoyed the training because it was a completely immersive experience rather than being lectured to, we got to be the customer.

“We learned everything from how to talk to customers and ask the right questions and the importance of knowing all about allergens.

“I only joined the team a month ago and I had limited knowledge but now I feel more confident to be out on the floor,” he said.

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27th January 2022