Queens Hotel supporting the arts

When our Managing Director Farid Yeganeh saw the epic project that talented artist Pete Codling was undertaking in the city, he was keen for the Queens Hotel to show its support.

Pete has been responsible for some amazing sculpture and public artwork in the city including the delightful Treadgold Fish that can currently be seen on the seafront but his latest project Crowd is a truly epic undertaking.

A portrait of the city is being painstakingly created on a set of sails that are the same size as those from HMS Victory and the Mary Rose.

Pete explained: “The idea is make a set of life size sail drawings, the same size as those from the HMS Victory or Mary Rose, and to cover them in portraits of people with a connection to the Dockyard, be it naval, military, dockyard worker or community connection to the city and its history. It is a massive and ambitious project and there is as much art in getting it funded and made as there is creating the drawings.”

Farid sat for Pete as he drew his portrait and the pair put the world to rights over several hours of conversation and drawing.

“I really admire what Pete is doing. This is a fantastic undertaking that Pete has embarked upon and I can’t wait to see the finished artwork.

“The Queens Hotel is such an important part of the city of Portsmouth and I am proud to be one of the custodians who is ensuring she can remain a place where people love to gather to dine, celebrate, do business and enjoy the company of friends and family,” he said.

You can follow the progress of the artwork here and visits can be arranged by calling 07503105655.


25th July 2022

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