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Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Published by Ellie

Standing gloriously tall on the seafront is the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, which commemorates over 25,000 military personnel lost or buried at sea with no known graves. One of three memorials of its kind designed by Sir Robert Lorimer, all three are located on the seafront. The other two located in the naval towns of Plymouth and Chatham. Among those commemorated at Portsmouth are those who lost their lives in the tragedies of HMS Bulwark and HMS Princess Irene, both accidental explosions occurring on the River Medway during WW1; these events were some of the biggest Naval disasters on the Medway during the war.

One of the interesting people to look for is Admiral Sir Thomas Phillips who served in both the First and Second World Wars. Phillips was the highest-ranking allied officer to die in battle during WW2 and was known by the nickname ‘Tom Thumb’ due to his height (he was even smaller than Lord Nelson!). He died in December 1941 onboard the HMS Prince of Wales in Malaya, at the time he was the youngest Admiral in the Royal Navy and the youngest commander in chief.

This memorial is truly a great place to visit and enjoy the tranquility of the sea and pay your respects to those who fought for our country.

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