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Monday, July 8th, 2019

Meet our Reservations Manager, Jason

Published by Aina Sutka

Jason Wilson has been working at the Queens Hotel for 13-years and is clearly delighted by the improvements that he is seeing on a daily basis.

“It is so exciting to see the transformation happening and the beautiful rooms we are now able to offer our guests,” he said.

“But do you know the best part about all the changes is the response we are getting from customers.

“Some of them have been coming here for as long as I have been working here – one couple who came at Christmas have been visiting us for 25-years – and they all absolutely love the changes that are happening.”

Jason is part of the backbone of the business. His attention to detail and easy manner, make him popular with both fellow staff members and customers alike.

And he is clearly getting a real buzz out of seeing the Queens Hotel rising Phoenix-like from the ashes.

“When I came to work here in 2006 it was quite demoralising because there had been no investment for some time. The restaurant was only open for guests on a Saturday and Sunday and from Jan to March each year the hotel ran on a skeleton team.

“All that has changed. New people are coming through the door week by week, drawn by the garden parties and cocktails.

“And now we hardly have a room available on a Saturday or Sunday because of the garden parties. There’s been such positive feedback on the afternoon teas that they will now be served from an extended period from 9.30am to 9pm.

“We are going to be a four-star hotel with 100 rooms and it is going to be incredible – the best place to stay in Portsmouth by a mile,” added Jason.



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