Walking in the footsteps of history to uncover a Southsea mystery

A love of history and the place he calls home has inspired Southsea author Jack Wells to create a mystery book that all the family can enjoy.

The founder of Mystery Guides and recent winner of the Start Up Business of the Year in the Business Excellence Awards 2021 has chosen to set his latest book in Southsea and included many landmarks and historical events.

“I’ve created a fictional story that is based on fact and incorporates local history. I was born here and the history is something that I love about the place.

“You will find reference to the Spithead Mutiny, Mary Rose and the Battle of Southsea – people can learn a lot about the place as they walk round Southsea picking up clues.

“This definitely isn’t a history book but it is full of historical snippets that I hope people will find interesting,” he said.

Having studied history at university, Jack put his love of the past to good use by leading guided tours of Old Portsmouth and this further developed with a treasure hunt element.

“I ended up developing an app because I wasn’t always available to conduct the tours and then I wrote my first book.

“The book ended up being more successful than the app and I’ve gone on to write a whole series from there,” he said

Jack will be launching his Southsea book at the Queens Hotel on Friday August 6 with characters from Southsea Mystery Adventure brought to life and the chance to meet the author.

The Queens Hotel is featured in the book and is supporting Jack’s venture. Everyone who buys a copy at the launch event will be entered into a prize draw. One of the prizes is a family ticket for the final Kids Party of the summer on August 23. A grand prize of an overnight stay for two will also be on offer to the family that solves all the clues in the book and reveals the mystery. Participants need to tag the hotel in photos as they travel around Southsea.

General Manager Catherine Austen said: “We love the idea that Jack;s book is something that families can follow to find out more about Southsea – and it’s an activity that kids and parents can do together in the summer holidays.”

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2nd August 2021