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Rebecca’s artistic eye transforms the Queens Hotel

Being offered the chance to bring a slumbering Edwardian beauty back to life through her interior designs, has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Rebecca Peach.

The talented designer has been let loose on the majestic splendour of the Queens Hotel in Southsea – and her stylish use of colour and texture do not disappoint.

She has been careful to work with the inherent beauty of the building, while adding contemporary flourishes that ensure the final scheme is at once dramatic and welcoming.

Rebecca, who has also designed Southsea’s Monty’s in Castle Road and transformed Royal Surgeon House in Haslar among other period and contemporary properties, admitted the challenge had been huge but she had relished every moment.

“There have been many sleepless nights, with hours of research and sourcing but it has been utterly satisfying when you find the right piece.

“I recently sourced a Maitland Smith Regency inlaid mahogany cabinet, which you can see in the hotel. It is absolutely stunning and perfect for the main hall to the Elizabeth Room.

“The projects I have finished so far have received wonderful feedback and after doing the planning, drawings and sourcing for these I feel I can tackle anything now,” she said.

A relative newcomer to interior design, Rebecca was a creative child who loved to make clothes and toys as well as paint and draw.

She had a successful business in San Francisco making soft furnishings for the rich and famous.

When she returned to the UK, she decided to go to university to study interior design and she has never looked back.

Visitors to the Queens Hotel can marvel at the beauty of the Elizabeth Room with its shimmering gold leaf ceiling panels and window lambrequins.

And the lobby is currently being re-imagined.

“We are working on an amazing design to bring the beautiful lobby together in a stunning and elegant way.

“We have reinstalled a period Statuary marble fireplace and acquired an amazing antiqued mirror from Dominic Schuster.

“I have lots more period and modern features being made and designed that will make the space the finest hotel lobby in the south,” she said.

8th August 2019

COVID-19 Update

We are working on a plan to re-open The Queens Hotel by 4 July that ensures the safety of our staff and guests and we have completed a risk assessment in line with the latest advice.