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Portsmouth Guildhall

You wouldn’t have to look any further than the Guildhall if you want to experience culture in Portsmouth. This truly iconic building in the heart of Portsmouth has been home to many performers including Elton John, The Beach Boys, Miles Davis, Status Quo, AC/DC and Cliff Richard to name a few. But it doesn’t stop there! It is now being redeveloped and used by performers from all backgrounds – comedy, dance and educational as well as being a venue where you can hold events! However, you do not need to splash the cash to enjoy this wonderful building – enjoy lunch or a drink on the steps and marvel at the architecture while watching the world go by.

After winning a £59,000 grant from the National Lottery, the Guildhall is working a new project called Discovering the Guildhall. This exhibition will dive into the Guildhall’s history and draw upon memories surrounding the heart of Portsmouth. Reaching out to the public for their experiences on historic events such as when the Guildhall was bombed in WWII, the re-opening of the Guildhall by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and some of the incredible concerts by legends like The Rolling Stones, The Who and Elton John. Work is due to start in September 2018 and be completed and open to the public in 2020. If you would like to participate in the project please get in contact with hayley.reay@portsmouthguildhall.org.uk

For more information about what’s on at the Guildhall please visit their website.

COVID-19 Update

We are working on a plan to re-open The Queens Hotel by 17 May that ensures the safety of our staff and guests and we have completed a risk assessment in line with the latest advice.