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Portsmouth City Museum

Portsmouth – the home of the Royal Navy, the historic port town and thriving city! There is a lot of history on this Island and what better way to learn about it than at the museum at the heart of it all! Situated in the old town even the building is something to marvel at.

Some of the exhibitions include;

The Art collection

Featuring furniture, ceramics, glass and wall hangings.

The Local History collection

Learn how Portsmouth went from a rural farming town to a naval fortress and what makes Portsmouth so unique

The Military History

Spilt into two sections you can learn about D-Day and the military heritage of Portsmouth. One of the highlights is a rare beach armoured recovery vehicle which was specially designed for the D-Day landings.

The Sherlock exhibition

See where Sir Arthur Conon Doyle spent his early years as a doctor and playing sports alongside learning about his famous character Sherlock Holmes featuring a new mystery narrated by Stephen Fry

Natural science

With highlights including three preserved penguin eggs that are thought to originate from the Falklands (between 1931-1933) that have been illustrated with different scenic landscapes; a Mastodon tooth (relative of the mammoth) thought to be over 10,000 years old and a giant Moa bone.

To find out more please look at their website.

COVID-19 Update

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