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Saturday, October 19th, 2019

Aina strides out for Southsea charity

Published by Aina Sutka

The Queens Hotel’s social media whizz Aina Sutka will be striding out for charity when she takes part in the Great South Run on Sunday October 20.

She will be raising funds for a cause close to her heart – the Southsea Skatepark.
And she would be delighted if you would sponsor her efforts to complete the 10 mile challenge.

Both Aina’s children love spending time at the Skatepark and she confided that back in the day she was a keen skateboarder who loved nothing more than shredding the ramps.
“When I decided to take part in the Great South run, it made sense for me to raise funds for the Skatepark.
“The Queens Hotel has been supporting the Skatepark all year and I think it is such a great asset for the city.
“My children love going there – it is a safe environment for them to practice and make new friends.
“I was a keen skateboarder myself and I followed the sport avidly in my teens,” she said.


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